Boards & Commissions


Cass County Government exists to deliver fair, efficient and accessible and high quality services dedicated to the public good.

Many dedicated people assist Cass County Government by serving on Boards and Commissions. Each Board or Commission has specialized responsibilities to monitor County operations, advise the Board of Commissioners or develop policy depending upon their legal authority.  Cass County Administrator Jeff Carmen has commented, “The importance of the various Boards and Commissions to the economy and welfare of Cass County cannot be overstated.”


Below is a list of the Boards and Commissions, a brief description, terms of appointments and days and times of meetings.

AREA AGENCY ON AGING:  TERM-2 YRS, MEETS-4TH MONDAY, 9:00 AM. It serves Berrien, Cass, and Van Buren Counties by assisting senior citizens in the tri-county area.

BOARD OF PUBLIC WORKS:  TERM-3 YRS, MEETS WEDNESDAY FOLLOWING 2ND MONDAY OF THE MONTH, 7:30 PM.  The BPW services may include construction and operation of public sanitary sewer, water and refuse systems, lake improvements and the operation of an erosion control system.

BROWNFIELD REDEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY:  Meets when necessary. The current members of the County EDC serve as the Brownfield Redevelopment Authority.

BUILDING AUTHORITY:  TERM-3YRS, MEETS 2ND TUESDAY, 1:30 PM OR AT THE CALL OF THE CHAIR.  The authority acts to acquire, operate and maintain all County property.

CANVASSING BOARD: TERM-4YRS, MEETS DAY AFTER AN ELECTION, 1: 30 PM.  Four members, two from each political party, responsible for the closure of the voting process after each election.

CASS DISTRICT LIBRARY BOARDTERM-4 YRS, MEETS 3RD WEDNESDAY, 6:00 PM.  Four members are appointed by the Board of Commissioners, and one of those four appointments is an at-large seat. The remaining four seats are appointed by three townships (Howard, LaGrange, Mason) and the Village of Edwardsburg.

CENTRAL DISPATCH AUTHORITY: No term of office, MEETS QUARTERLY, WEDNESDAY, 2:00 PM (JANUARY, APRIL, JULY, OCTOBER)  The Central Dispatch Authority has the responsibility to establish a centralized dispatch of emergency police, fire and ambulance services and make sure it is funded properly. 

COMMUNITY CORRECTIONS ADVISORY BOARD:  TERM-4 YRS, MEETS QUARTERLY, 2ND OR 3RD Wednesday,11:30 AM (JANUARY, APRIL, AUGUST, NOVEMBER)  The CCAB consists of local criminal justice officials, county officials, social service agencies, citizens and the media.  They are responsible for developing and submitting a comprehensive corrections plan to the Board of Commissioners for submittal to the State of Michigan.

DEPARTMENT OF HUMAN SERVICES BOARD: TERM-3 YRS, MEETS 4TH MONDAY, 8:00 AM.  DHHS oversees social welfare programs and monitors employment and work training programs for those in need of assistance.

ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION BOARD:  TERM-6 YRS, MEETS 4TH WEDNESDAY, 8:30 AM.  The EDC Board consists of 12 persons who encourage business activity, industrial development and job formation by a mix of public and private organizations.

HISTORICAL COMMISSION: TERM-3 YRS, MEETS 2ND THURSDAY, 9:00 PM.  The main purpose of the nine member board is to preserve the history of Cass County.

JURY COMMISSION:  TERM-6 YRS, MEETS AS NECESSARY.  The Jury Commission mails a questionnaire to randomly selected County residents to make certain they qualify as jurors.

LAND BANK AUTHORITY:  TERM-3 YRS, MEETS AS NECESSARY.  THE County Treasurer presides as chair and the authority aims to return tax reverted properties to productive use.

LOCAL EMERGENCY PLANNING COMMITTEE:  NO TERM OF OFFICE, MEETS QUARTERLY (3RD WEDNESDAY) 3:00 PM.  The Local Emergency Planning Committee coordinates and develops plans to handle storms, floods and natural disasters.

PARKS AND RECREATION COMMISSION:  TERM-3 YRS, MEETS 2ND THURSDAY, 4:00 PM.  The Parks and Rec sets policy for the operations of County parks.

PLANNING COMMISSION:  TERM-3YRS, MEETS 4th Wednesday, 4:00 PM.  The main purpose of the CCPC is to regulate land use in the County.

ROAD COMMISSION TERM-6YRS, MEETS 4TH THURSDAY, EXCEPT IN NOVEMBER & DECEMBER MEETS 3RD THURSDAY 9:00 AM.  The CCRC has charge of County roads, maintenance, construction, long range planning and the annual budget.

SOLID WASTE PLANNING COMMISSION: TERM-2YRS, MEETS AT THE CALL OF THE CHAIR.  The committee assesses present and projected conditions regarding waste disposal including recycling.   

SOUTHWEST COMMUNITY ACTION AGENCY:  TERM-1YR, MEETS 3RD WEDNESDAY, 6:30 PM.  The Community Action Agency works on policy, budget, programs and services for people in economic need.

SOUTHWEST MICHIGAN PLANNING COMMISSION:  TERM-3 YRS, MEETS SIX TIMES A YEAR BEGINNING IN FEBRUARY, 9:30 AM.  The SWMPC is a voluntary organization of Berrien, Cass, and Van Buren Counties formed to foster cooperative efforts in resolving problems, policies, and plans that are common to the tri-county region.

SOUTHWEST MICHIGAN SOLID WASTE CONSORTIUM:  NO TERM, MEETS 3RD WEDNESDAY OF ODD MONTHS, 7:00 PM.  The Consortium fosters inter-county cooperation to address solid waste management issues.

SOUTHWEST MICHIGAN SUBSTANCE ABUSE DISORDER OVERSIGHT POLICY BOARDTERM-3YRS, MEETS JANUARY, MARCH, MAY, JULY SEPTEMBER, NOVEMBER, 4-5:00 PM IN PORTAGE, MICHIGAN.  SWMBH insures that service providers assist individuals with a mental health or substance abuse problem.

TRANSPORTATION AUTHORITY:  NO TERM, MEETS 2ND WEDNESDAY, 8:00 AM. The Transportation Authority provides public transportation to Cass County.

VAN BUREN/CASS DISTRICT BOARD OF HEALTH:  TERMS-PUBLIC 3 YRS, COMMISSIONERS-1 YR, MEETS SECOND WEDNESDAY AT 3:00 PM.  The HD has a duty to promote public health policies, prevent disease, and prolong life through organized programs, health care facilities and health delivery systems.

VETERANS ADVISORY COMMITTEE:  TERM-4 YRS, MEETS QUARTERLY (JANUARY, APRIL JULY, OCTOBER) 4TH WEDNESDAY, 7:00 PM.  The committee works with the Veterans Agent in overseeing the County funded program that provides relief or assistance to veterans.

VETERANS TRUST FUND BOARD:  TERM-3 YRS, MEETS 3RD Monday of September or at the Call of the Chair.  A committee in each County is appointed to administer program benefits at the county level.

WOODLANDS BEHAVIORAL HEALTHCARE NETWORK BOARD:  TERM-3 YRS, MEETS 4TH TUESDAY, 5:00 PM.  The healthcare board has the authority to establish and administer mental health programs within the County.

WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT BOARD/KINEXUS TERM-3 YRS, MEETS FOUR TIMES PER YEAR (MARCH, JUNE, SEPTEMBER AND DECEMBER).  THE Board’s function is oversight, including direction and evaluation of the strategic planning process for workforce, education, and economic development for Berrien, Cass, and Van Buren Counties.