Bicycle Trail Rules


No person shall operate, or be in possession of a bicycle, on any trail or pathway in the park that is not posted as a multiple use or designated bicycle trail; and further is not closed to bicycles for safety of environmental conditions.

Mountain Bike Trail Rules

Keep these rules in mind when riding: 

  • Bicycle helmet must be worn by all cyclists while on trails
  • Do not litter
  • Motorized vehicles must be parked in parking areas only
  • Never startle wild or domestic animals (especially horses)
  • Observe speed restrictions
  • Report all violations or trail obstructions to the park manager
  • Ride only on open trails* (trails closed sunset to sunrise)
  • Ride under control at all times (know the limits of your abilities)
  • Travel in the proper direction at all times
  • Yield to other trail users on all trails

Safety Closures

Trails may be closed at times when safety or environmental conditions indicate such a need. Additional trails may be posted for bicycle use pursuant to regulation by the park manager.


Violation of these provisions may subject the offender to a fine. Park managers are deputized.