Road Chaplain


Pressures facing the Law Enforcement and civilian personnel are more complex now than at any other time in the history of policing. Cass County Road Chaplains are a volunteer corporation. of ministers available to respond 24 hours a day to relieve some of the stress and pressure encountered by employees of the department.

The key words of the Road Chaplain are service and presence.

Ministries Provided by the Road Chaplains

Cass County Road Chaplains are available for the following:

  • Be an advisor to the Sheriff in all matters pertaining to moral, spiritual and religious welfare of the department
  • Be available when there is an accident in the county involving injury and when there is need to provide comfort to injured parties and their families
  • Be a consultant to the officers in family crisis and stress situations
  • The Chaplains will make special referrals in unique cases, which need specialized attention, or those cases beyond the Chaplains ability to assist
  • Chaplains will perform any other duties as assigned by the Sheriff
  • Furnish answers for religious questions
  • Make death notifications and provide assistance to individuals and families who have lost loved ones
  • Minister to the needs of first responders at the scene of fatalities and other catastrophic events
  • Provide assistance to victims
  • Respond to spiritual or pastoral counseling of department employees and their families
  • Road Chaplains know that to be effective, they need to be with the officers whenever and wherever their services are needed. Chaplains are encouraged to ride with officers as their schedules permit
  • Serve as liaison with other clergy in the community
  • Serve at funerals, religious and civil ceremonies, dinners, or any other functions as required by the Sheriff.
  • When an officer has been seriously hurt or killed on duty, the Chaplin shall respond to the hospital immediately on request, and identify himself/herself to the Hospital Staff and Hospital Chaplain and will work with both according to common ethical courtesies. If an officer is killed in the line of duty, the Chaplains coordinate funeral arrangements with local, state, regional and national law enforcement agencies and other first responders to provide an honorable memorial for the fallen officer(s).

All Cass County Road Chaplains are appointed by the Sheriff and must be ecclesiastically certified in good standing with at least five years in pastoral ministry.

Regulations & Procedures

Cass County Road Chaplains have a basic knowledge of the duties of law enforcement officers and seek to keep abreast of new procedures. In addition:

  • The Chaplain conforms to all department policies insofar as possible.
  • The Chaplain does not criticize the action of any law enforcement officer, department official, fellow Chaplain, or department policy or action.
  • The Chaplain is familiar with and conforms to radio procedures established by the department.
  • Chaplains do not release any information to the news media, insurance agencies or attorneys regarding cases in which he/she has been involved. It is understood by all Chaplains that any information regarding the operation of the Cass County Sheriff's Office must be released through the Sheriff.
  • It is understood by all Road Chaplains that they are not covered by or entitled to any injury or death insurance benefits provided by the Cass County Sheriff's Office. Chaplains enter the program, as volunteers, illness and injuries must be covered by personal insurance. It is also understood Chaplains will not receive payment or benefits or otherwise be compensated for hours worked or mileage.