District 4

Board Chair Jeremiah Justin Jones lives in Pokagon Township with his wife. He has two sons and one daughter, and three grandchildren. Jeremiah spent 25 years in the Army, holds the rank of Sergeant First Class, and served three combat tours (Desert Storm in 1991, Iraq from 2006 to 2007, and Afghanistan from 2012 to 2013). 

Jeremiah was first elected commissioner in 2020, representing the City of Dowagiac and Pokagon Township. His philosophy is “you can’t complain about anything unless you are part of the solution and not the problem,” so he believed being a County representative was the best place to start at the time.

Public Service

  • Previously served as Republican precinct delegate
  • Deacon at Pleasant View Church of Christ
  • Junior Deacon for Dowagiac Freemasons
  • Public speaker on topics relating to military service and veteran issues

Committees and Boards

  • ARPA ad-hoc committee
  • Capital Project Committee
  • Central Dispatch Authority (911)
  • Land Bank Authority
  • Pokagon-Dowagiac Local Revenue Sharing Board
  • Southwest Michigan Behavioral Health Subsstance Use Disorder Oversight Policy Board (SUD OPB)
  • Southwest Michigan Substance Abuse Advisory Council
  • Solid Waste Planning Committee
  • Woodlands Board
  • Liaison to Negotiations
  • Liaison to Veterans Advisory
  • SMART Committee

What is the biggest goal you have for Cass County this term? Decisions made ethically, morally and with complete transparency.

Which major project or initiative do you most look forward to this term? Serving as chair faithfully and to the best of my ability.

Fun facts: I’m a professional knife maker. I have a hobby farm with steer, chickens and occasionally turkeys for Christmas and Thanksgiving food donations.


Jeremiah Jones

Chair, District 4 Commissioner
(574) 532-6878