2024 Hazard Mitigation Plan Project Page


The Cass County Hazard Mitigation Plan is currently being updated for the March 2024 official update. Elements and activity related to this project will be published on this webpage to encourage community involvement. This page will be updated as we move forward to our March 2024 goal.

Receiving Notifications About this Project

As a convenience, when substantive changes are made to this page, the Emergency Management office will send out a Twitter notification (Cass County, MI EMC @EMCMI) and post a notice on the Emergency Management County Website.

Current Hazard Mitigation Plan

Cass County Hazard Mitigation Plan 2018


LEPC Meeting Dates 2023

01/05/2023, Thursday @ 1pm

05/04/2023, Thursday @ 1pm

09/07/2023, Thursday @ 1pm

11/02/2023, Thursday @ 1pm

Four LEPC meetings are scheduled annually and are held in person with Zoom as an option until further notice. Please email all questions to the Emergency Management Coordinator Manny DeLaRosa at MannyD@cassco.org

Project Status

Thursday, April 7th, 2022

LEPC meeting - Hazard Mitigation Plan 2018

Cass County EM spoke about the Cass County Hazard Mitigation Plan, revised 2019. Manny mentioned that the planning for the revision began in January 2016 and brought up options on when the committee should begin planning for the next revision which will be due in March 2024. A few options were discussed on whether we should begin planning this year, beginning of next, or if he should continue to gather more information to get a better idea of when to start the planning on the revision. It was decided to continue gathering information to make the best decision.

Thursday, January 5th, 2023

Local Planning Team - Hazard Mitigation Plan 2018

Cass County EM explained that the Hazard Mitigation Plan will expire on March 2024. After conducting some research, he found that the Grant Application process will take at least 9 months and hiring a company to update our plan, the company would need a year to a year and a half to complete the plan. This will most likely run past our expiration date. Manny will begin the Grant Application process; however, we will still need to update our own plan for 2024. We will need to decide if we are going to create a subcommittee and begin this process as quickly as possible.