Road Patrol


With more than 30 men and women dedicated to service within their communities they live and serve, the Enforcement Division is responsible for maintaining peace and order within the entire county. This includes more than 500 square miles of roadway and 15 townships. Officers assigned to the Patrol and Investigative sections are available to respond to calls for service to the citizens of Cass County 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The Road Patrol Section enforces and investigates state and local laws in Cass County such as:

  • Crimes against Persons
  • Crimes against Property
  • Michigan Motor Vehicle Code


Each officer receives at least 24 hours a year in continuous in-service training and most of the officers receive much more as they are assigned to various teams that include:

Accident Investigation Team — Officers assigned to this team are skilled and trained in the investigation of serious traffic crashes, often involving fatalities.

Evidence Collection (CSI) Team — Assigned officers have received extensive training in the discovery, recovery and transportation of evidence from crime scenes.

Tactical Warrant Service Team — This team is charged with executing high-risk search warrants and arrest warrants as well as special tactical operations within the county.

K-9 Program — This officer is assigned a patrol canine. K-9s and their trainers are trained in officer security, search and narcotics detection.

Secondary Road Patrol (P.A.416) — These Patrol Officers are strictly available for traffic control and enforcement on all non state maintained roads. They also investigate traffic crashes on non-state maintained roads. These officers also help with parades, funeral processions, and other traffic control.

Bicycle Patrol Team — Deputies assigned to this team are certified by the International Police Mountain Biking Association and provide specialized bicycle patrol for problem areas and for large events.

Snowmobile Patrol — Deputies provide patrol to state snowmobile trails as a part of a grant from the Michigan Department of Natural Resources.

Project Lifesaver — This is a program that enlists the support of the Cass County Council on Aging to provide equipment in patrol cars that allows trained deputies to find persons that are prone to wandering such as Alzheimer patients. Persons interested in signing up their loved ones for this program should contact the Cass County Council on Aging at (269) 445-8110.


Road Patrol Officers have a variety of tools at their disposal in order to assist them in this task. The Sheriff's Office Patrol cars are equipped with many life saving and investigative tools including 

In-car Digital Video Cameras, Mobile Data Terminals, Patrol Rifles and Automatic Portable Defibrillators. Officers also have 4 wheeled drive vehicles, snowmobiles and ATV's that are available for patrol during inclement weather.

Contract Patrols

The Cass County Sheriff's Office also provides contract Patrol Officers for communities in the county. Currently there are three communities that have contracts. They are currently Howard Township, Marcellus Township, and Marcellus Village.