Parks Department

Bench by a stream


Our mission is to provide quality park facilities for all segments of our population. We strive to enhance the quality of life for county residents and park visitors through active citizen involvement, planned growth, and professional stewardship of Cass County parks.

Biking trails are now open.

Park Amenities

What you will find at your parks:

  • Arthur Dodd Memorial Park - bird watching, hiking
  • Dr TK Lawless Park - mountain biking, hiking, and bird watching
  • Fred Russ Forest - hiking, bird watching, equestrian riding
  • Henry Sears Park - kayaking

Please see Cass County Parks Brochure for a full list of park amenities.

Additional Information

Check out the Southwest Michigan Road and Trail Bicycle Guide that is now available!

Cass County Parks and Recreation is on Facebook! Join us for updates and programming news! Follow us tor dark skies dates and times.

Park hours are sunrise to sunset for all parks.


View the Parks and Recreation Annual Report.