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Ontwa Township Information
Ontwa Township Meetings are second Monday of the month at 7pm
Office hours: Monday through Friday from 8am to 4pm
Mailing address: PO Box 209, Edwardsburg, MI  49112
Hall address: 26225 US 12, Edwardsburg, MI  49112
Phone: 269-663-2347
FAX: 269-663-0072
Voting precincts: Both voting precincts vote at the Ontwa Township Hall


Ontwa Township Officials
Contact Phone Email
John Bossler, Supervisor 269-699-2347  
Teri McNaughton, Clerk  269-663-2347
Meryl Christensen, Treasurer  269-663-2347 
Jerry Duck, Trustee  269-699-7931   
Leon Gilliam, Trustee  269-663-2347   
Trustee  269-663-2347  
Jerry Marchetti, Trustee  269-699-7660   
Wayne Hardin, Building Inspector/Zoning Administrator  269-663-2347   
        Building Inspector and Zoning Administrator Office Hours: 
        Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays 9am to Noon
John Hamilton, Electrical Inspector 269-684-7848   
Ed Wainwright, Mechanical/Plumbing Inspector  269-663-8542   
Assessor  269-663-2347   

         Assessor Office Hours: 

         Thursdays 9am to Noon    


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