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December 19, 2017

Dear Valued Community Member!

Introduction. Cass County, with a population of about 52,000, including a city, four villages and 15 townships and over 200 bodies of water, has enjoyed an economy built on agriculture, tourism and a little manufacturing. Within recent years, Cass County has seen the growth of a regional casino, a community health center, and is presently experiencing  an expansion at Southwestern Michigan College, a new master plan project by the Village of Cassopolis, a new vision by the Superintendent for Cassopolis Schools, and a newly invigorated Economic Development Corporation that is now leading an exciting graphic visioning initiative of the Cassopolis downtown corridor on Stone Lake which will kick off in a dynamic community gathering scheduled for Wednesday, January 31, 2018. This is an innovative economic development partnership project with Cass County, the Cass County Economic Development Corporation, the Village of Cassopolis, and Michigan State University’s School of Planning, Design and Construction  that we are calling, Imagine Cass… Embrace the Vision! 

Board of Commissioners to develop a Strategic Plan!   As you may have noticed, an exciting, energized movement is beginning in Cass County!! The Cass County Board of Commissioners in October of 2017 voted to retain a highly experienced and skilled consulting firm called MANAGEMENT PARTNERS located in  Cincinnati, Ohio to design and implement a meaningful strategic planning process with County leadership, employees and community that will result in an insightful strategic plan that will provide important guidance to the County for the next 3 to 5 years. The week of December 4th saw the launch of this planning process with one-on-one interviews with over 20 organization leaders. A survey has now been emailed to Cass County employees to obtain their valuable input and a special community survey has been developed by Management Partners and is now available to all in the greater Cass County area who would like to participate. Strategic planning exercises will continue with a leadership planning session in February and a completed and newly created Cass County Strategic Plan to appear on our website by the Spring of 2018!

Community members urged to complete community survey!   NOW it is your turn to share with us your opinions, thoughts, ideas, and desires for a vibrant Cass County by clicking on the link below and completing the survey! Your responses are totally anonymous, as they will go directly to Management Partners. If you would rather complete a hard copy, you may print one off from this website, fill it out, place in an envelope and either drop it off in the Office of the Cass County Administrator OR MAIL TO THE PERSON AT THE  ADDRESS GIVEN ON THE INTRODUCTARY INSTRUCTION SHEET. Please know how very important it is to the entire Cass County leadership team to have your meaningful input! You are who we work for; work to please; and work to establish and maintain the highest quality of services and outreach. Thank you in advance for assisting in the development of the Cass County Strategic Plan!

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